Step 1: Audit

A survey of ecological awareness may prepare us better for the audit and assess the level of employees’ ecological knowledge. The survey could include wider questions concerning the role of humans in ecosystems and the way people contribute to degradation. Another perspective would be to investigate the habits of people working in the cultural sector in the context of their daily routines. It may be useful to prepare a simple survey on the associations people make with ecology. Such preliminary steps may help us find out what employees currently know, what they are interested in and what pro-environmental activities they implement on their own. This process may reveal different definitions of ecology and differing perceptions in the priorities and capabilities of the institution. Some questions which may be used in the survey are as follows:

– Which of my activities or choices would I define as ecological?
– Which activities and choices which I observe in my environment do I consider ecological?
– Are there any activities regarded as ecological which I do not understand and do not see the point of?
– Are there any activities which I would like to get to know and understand better but which currently seem to me too complex, specialist or expensive? 
– Which activities regarded as ecological do I consider to be of priority?
– Do I want to act for the environment?
– Should the organisation for which I work act to protect the environment?

Self-education on pro-environmental topics.

It is also good to read regulations concerning waste sorting or calculate emissions – most institutions are obliged to comply with these regulations. An institution may apply to the relevant office to receive the interpretation of its environmental duties suited to its particular type of operations. Legal aspects of various activities are subject to change but being up to date with the current regulations will allow you to make adequate decisions. For example, if we are aware that a fee for a particular type of packaging will be introduced soon, we should refrain from buying it. Self-education may also be carried out through reading relevant texts within your group or meeting with people from other cultural institutions to share experiences.(link).

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