Step 1: Environmental impact

Calculators of carbon and water footprint.
The Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) is a tool for determining the impact on the environment. It allows for a comparison of one’s own impact with the impact of other organisations. The OEF defines environmental impact holistically, including carbon and water footprint. [link].
Free online calculators usually calculate carbon footprint. These are not ideal tools but they can give you a general idea (e.g. carbon footprint calculator, water footprint calculator). If we want professional and precise environmental footprint research, we must take into account a long and costly process. The online calculator is a simpler and cheaper, albeit imperfect, alternative. It can be helpful in educating and informing employees and the public about the scale of an institution’s impact on the environment.

Setting limits.
Defining limits on the consumption of fuel, print, energy, water, etc. and their monitoring reduces the consumption of resources and may also shape the scale and mode of an institution’s operations. If we have a limited amount of resources at our disposal every year, we will try to keep within the limit. This means that perhaps some activities will not take place at all or will be carried out in a sustainable spirit. (see: PRODUCTION: MATERIALS, EVENT PRODUCTION, PROGRAMMING, COMMUNICATION, INSTITUTIONAL POLICY, EMPLOYEES).

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