Step 1: Green teams

How to start?
Ensure that the green team consists of people fulfilling various roles and coming from various departments and that the meetings are held during working hours. Establish framework rules for the team’s functioning, such as: regularity of meetings (e.g. once a month), planning the course of the meeting (agenda, chairperson, minute taker). If the group was created as a grassroots initiative, inform the management about it and occasionally invite them to a meeting.

Thematic areas

It is good to define thematic areas for the green team to deal with, e.g. waste sorting, saving water, partnerships, eco-friendly projects or cycles of events. It is best to start with small steps, identify problems one by one and look for the most practical solutions.

Everyday practices

At this stage, we are able to work out and implement a code of everyday eco-friendly practices which would motivate our co-workers. These could be small but very significant changes, e.g. printing only when it is necessary and only double-sided, drinking tap water, giving up plastic cups, etc,

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