Eco-ethics of cooperation

Database of social enterprises

A database of social enterprises prepared by the governmental Department of Social and Solidarity Economy is an example of a search engine for potential local partners supplying goods and services.

Eco Label Index

Eco Label Index is the largest global catalogue of certificates and ecological labels containing information from 199 countries and 25 industrial sectors.

The EU environmental criteria for green public procurement

The EU environmental criteria for green public procurement (GPP) were designed for product groups which were considered the most suitable for implementing GPP – both in terms of procurement value and their environmental impact. The information on GPP has been collated on the Public Procurement Office website.

Information on social criteria in GPP

Information on social criteria which can be used in a socially sustainable public procurement process. 

Public procurement

Public procurement of the Zachęta National Art Gallery for publishing services, where environmental criteria were taken into account.

The Responsible Business Forum

The Responsible Business Forum is an expert organisation which remains the initiator and partner of key undertakings for Polish CSR (corporate social responsibility). It works towards sustainable development.

Oil Sponsorship Free

An international network of artists and employees of cultural organisations renouncing working with companies and corporations which have a detrimental impact on the natural and social environment. You can join the network on the website.

BP or not BP?

BP or not BP? – is a British activist initiative aimed at forcing the boards of national institutions to refuse financing coming from the oil concern BP. As a protest tool, the group uses unsolicited theatrical performances in the spaces of institutions which benefit from BP financing. It is part of the ‘Art Not Oil’ coalition.

Liberate Tate

Liberate Tate is a collective which influenced the decision of Tate galleries to give up BP funding through a series of artistic actions of civil disobedience.

Art Not Oil

Art Not Oil is an international coalition aimed at freeing all cultural activity from companies and corporations degrading natural, social or cultural resources.