Eco-ethics of employment

The report of the Workers’ Initiative National Trade Union

The report of the Workers’ Initiative National Trade Union published in October 2019. It contains information on the level of remuneration in Warsaw’s public cultural institutions, pay inequalities, the scale of flexible forms of employment (civil law contracts and self-employment) and proposals for changes to remuneration conditions in the capital’s cultural institutions.

‘Agreement’ project

A website with a description and links to the ‘Agreement’ project, carried out at the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw. You will also find indicators of a feminist cultural institution developed for the Theater during a participatory group process with the team.

New Economics Foundation

New Economics Foundation website is devoted to the postulate to shorten the working week. It includes well-researched materials which problematise and popularise this topic (website in English).

Work less – podcast

‘Work less’ is a podcast by Patrycja Musiał about why we should work less (e.g. for environmental reasons) and how to do it.


A website popularising the idea and movement of degrowth. This idea criticises the global capitalist system, based on the paradigm of economic growth at all costs causing exploitation of people and destruction of the environment. The degrowth movement of activists and researchers advocates for societies which prioritise social and environmental wellbeing over corporate profits, overproduction and excessive consumption. According to the idea of degrowth, development means re-arranging economic relations in a way which ensures environmental justice and a good life for all within the limits of our planet’s resources.