Environmental impact

Website Carbon

Carbon footprint calculator for websites (website in English).Kalkulator śladu węglowego stron internetowych (strona w jęz. angielskim).

Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation makes it possible to check if a website is hosted by a data centre which uses green energy. The website contains a directory of hosting companies using renewable energy (website in English).

Carbon footprint calculator

It makes it possible to calculate the environmental impact of an institution and compare it with the impact of other organisations.

Ecological Footprint Calculator

A calculator of an individual’s carbon footprint (website in English).

Climate Change Food Calculator

A calculator of dietary impact on the climate.

A water footprint comparison website.

What is your water footprint?


This portal is a place dedicated to environmental protection, aiming at providing reliable knowledge and verified information in areas such as: waste management, wastewater treatment,  renewable energy sources, environmental protection, ecotourism, etc.

UN CC: Learn

‘UN CC: Learn’ is an educational programme of the United Nations for climate action. It is a joint initiative of over 30 organisations helping various countries carry out climate action through climate knowledge-sharing and through developing practical skills.


The website of the Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce discussing the impact that reducing temperature and not wasting heat have on the environment and our health.

Polish Green Building Council

The mission of the Polish Green Building Council is to radically improve design, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. The website contains publications and information on workshops, training sessions and certificates for buildings.

Eco Fonts

Do you know that using thinner fonts makes it possible to save up to 30 percent of toner? An article about sustainable graphic design (website in English).


A compilation of ethical alternatives for many technological products, such as internet browsers, search engines or email providers (website in English).