Guides and toolkits

Ki Books

Guides prepared by Ki Culture, an organisation aiming to build climate responsibility among cultural practitioners. By March 2021, three free publications had been released: Waste & Materials Ki Book, Social Sustainability Ki Book and Energy Ki Book.

Publications written by Joanna Tabaka

On this website, you will find two publications: ‘Culture’s Tribute to Nature, with the Mermaid in the Background. Good Pro-Environmental Practices of Warsaw’s Cultural Institutions’ and ‘A Green Cultural Institution. On Becoming An Environmentally Friendly Place’. Both publications were written by Joanna Tabaka, a trainer and expert in communication and audience development strategies in the cultural sector.

Green Artist Rider – A Greener Festival 

A green rider for artists, which describes the rules of cooperation between the festival and invited guests (text in English).

Publications of the Museum Lab project

 We recommend them all, particularly the first one – ‘Community’. It contains tips and inspirations regarding the changed approach towards the concept of a museum, understood as an institution which does not focus on its building, objects or projects, but on broadly defined interdisciplinary heritage, regarded as part of commons, requiring common care and an institution which focuses on working out the methods of co-management.

‘Museum Think-Tank: Museums and Their Neighbourhoods’

A publication prepared by the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek. Being green is strongly related to multi-dimensional neighbourliness. The publication attempts to develop this topic and find ecological attitudes.

Guide presenting citizens’ assemblies

A guide presenting citizens’ assemblies – a tool applied in civic democracy. It may inspire you to develop cooperation with the local community and audience by including individuals in making joint decisions about the programme of your institution, among other things.


A website with practical advice on how to make responsible consumer choices which support sustainable development, environmental protection and human rights

Guide on energy efficient practices

A guide on energy efficient practices associated with buildings.