We are National Theatre Wales – National Theatre Wales

The National Theatre Wales has invited its neighbours and residents of Cardiff to its programming council. It also subscribes to the idea that ‘the nation of Wales’ is its stage (website in English).

Our neighbours

Visitors to Tate Modern in London, when connected to the institution’s wi-fi network, receive a message from the institution’s neighbours informing them how they could become involved in the work towards maintaining good neighbourly relations in the area (website in English).

Culture Cooperative

Spółdzielnia Kultury (Culture Cooperative) is an online space where institutions, organisations, informal groups and all those interested can share their resources – space, equipment, cultural products, etc. – free of charge.


An organisation dedicated to supporting the participation of migrants in creating art and ensuring that their contribution to British art, history and culture is visible (website in English).


The website of OF/BY/FOR ALL organisation whose mission is to strengthen participatory practices in the museum environment and the wider cultural area. The website contains a repository of knowledge and working methods useful for cultural practitioners (website in English).

Open Jazdów

Open Jazdów in Warsaw is an inspirational initiative which began as organised resistance against the plan to demolish Finnish houses in the centre of Warsaw. Thanks to perseverance, strategic and visionary thinking, it is a working example of co-managing a place, as well as substantive and artistic programme. It also sets new standards for the management mechanism itself. Currently, the estate has many equal hosts – they include families residing in the houses, NGOs renting the houses to carry out their activity, informal groups, a branch of a cultural centre, a formal manager of the site, as well as municipal bodies.