The Sendzimir Foundation

The Sendzimir Foundation has been taking care of the ecological education of Polish society for years. Its website offers a range of publications with tips on running activities with beneficial effects on the natural environment. We encourage you to check the workshops run by this foundation.

Publications created by the Warsaw Greenery Department

Publications created by the Warsaw Greenery Department. Among them a wide range of useful guides on creating wilderness zones in cities, looking after trees (including an innovative system of  tree planting in difficult urban conditions) or creating rain gardens.

Bujna Warszawa

A website devoted to urban gardening. It is a compendium of knowledge on setting up and running community gardens and on gardening in general, including specific guides – e.g. how to start a composter, how to manage leaves – and many other useful materials.

Wrocławska Rewitalizacja. Community gardens

The publication entitled ‘Community Gardens. Good Practices Bank’ includes practical information about various organisational forms of urban gardens, their potential benefits and challenges. The publication also presents Polish and international examples of gardens, as well as useful tips on where to find financial support.


An education guide and practical advice on permaculture gardening.

Wild Infrastructure

The publication entitled ‘Wild Infrastructure. Good Practices for Urban Nature’  by the Psubraty Foundation talks about how to improve the quality of green areas and care for the living conditions of our non-human neighbours.

Łąka Foundation

On the website of the Łąka Foundation you will find information about the importance of wildflower meadows in the urban ecosystem, examples of solutions and a database of inspiring practices and projects. On the website you can also order seeds or seedlings, sign up for a workshop as well as use other services.

Wildflower meadows

A website with a knowledge base about wildflower meadows and their importance and impact on the urban ecosystem. Here you will find practical advice on how to set up a flower meadow. You can also order seed mixtures, sign up for a workshop or use the other services.

Bees in the city

An article about urban beehives with practical tips on how to set them up. The portal is an online magazine for beekeepers, useful for anyone interested in this topic.

Polish Green Roof Association

The website of the Polish Green Roof Association with extensive information on green roofs and living walls.